2022 NFL Football Playoffs Specials Betting Odds, Props & Best Long Shot Predictions
Friday, January 14, 2022
by LVSB Team

Picking some of our favorite Playoff Props

2022 NFL Football Playoffs Specials Betting Odds, Props & Best Long Shot Predictions

Once you’ve made your picks for who you think will make the Super Bowl, another great way to capitalize is to look at high paying props.

The best way to do that would be to fill out a bracket, so you get clarity on who you think will go deep. Players who don’t make the Super Bowl can still lead the way at their respective positions.

On the other hand, if for example you like the Cowboys to surprise in the NFC and get all the way to the Super Bowl then it makes sense to see what else you can pair that with to increase your payout.

For example, Dak Prescott is at +700 to lead the league in passing yards.

If your bracket has the Bengals as a surprise team making it to the AFC Championship before falling to the Chiefs and those surprise Cowboys beating the Packers, before eventually falling to Patrick Mahomes and company, then you’ll be happy to know that result pays out a whopping +17,500!

Here are some of our Favorite Props

Packers over Cowboys in NFC Championship, Chiefs over Titans in AFC Championship, Packers your overall winner: +6600

As we wrote previously, 15 of the past 16 teams to make the Super Bowl earned a bye. The Packers and Titans have the byes this year.

The Packers have a terrific team and after two straight years of heartbreak are well positioned to make the Super Bowl.

The AFC is much more unpredictable given question marks surrounding the Titans and how effective Derrick Henry will be after his extended absence.

The Chiefs as the second seed will be at home for two rounds and have more than enough offense to knock off the Titans should they meet in the AFC Championship.

At the same time, Tyreek Hill enters the playoffs injured and the depth on offense at the skilled positions is not what it has been for the Chiefs.

In the meanwhile, the Packers are stacked in both the run game and pass game and have a terrific defense as well.

As a result, if going with the favorites, this is a great scenario to envision.

Cowboys over Packers, Chiefs over Bengals, Chiefs win it all +17,500

The scenario mentioned above is a juicy one for underdogs to make a strong run before the Chiefs hoist their second trophy in three years.

In the NFC, I think the if the Cowboys can put it all together each week, they have the talent level and the balance to go on a run. Being challenged by the 49ers in week one will be a great way to get them in playoff mode, and it’s the kind of game that might be the hardest to win in the NFC. But get through that and the door opens wide.

Betting against Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs is something to do at your own risk. We’ve already seen how special he is, so at these odds, this is a great bet.

Player Prop Bets

Josh Allen most passing yards, Davante Adams Most Receiving Yards +6600

The Bills would need to get past the Chiefs in week two (assuming both favorites emerge in the wildcard round) for this to have a chance.

In order for the Bills to do so, Allen will likely need to put up a monster performance.

If the Bills were to face the Titans in the AFC Championship and lose, there is still a terrific chance that Allen could lead the way in passing yards given how he played down the stretch.

Adams and the Packers in the Super Bowl makes so much sense as well.

Another great value bet at these odds.

Tom Brady most passing yards, JaMarr Chase Most Receiving Yards +6600

The Bengals are facing a Raiders team that expended every ounce of energy to get to the playoffs. We’ve seen the Bengals passing offense reach new heights down the stretch. That alone puts Chase in a great position to get off to a roaring start.

Brady had the most passes and completions and passing yards in the NFL this year. A deep run, likely rests on his arm.

Another worthwhile pick even if you don’t have either team making it past their respective championship games.

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