2022 NFL Super Bowl LVI Picks, Playoff Specials Odds on Exact Result & Finalists
Thursday, January 13, 2022
by LVSB Team

Making Picks Heading into NFL Playoffs

2022 NFL Super Bowl LVI Picks, Playoff Specials Odds on Exact Result & Finalists

One of the great places to make a terrific return comes from picking the winner in a head-to-head matchup for the Super Bowl as the playoffs approach.

The field has been cut down to 12 and we have a 17-game sample size from which to evaluate our choices.

If you’re feeling confident about the absolute favorites, Green Bay and Kansas City, the payout is +1200, whether you like one or the other to win it all.

Underdogs are paying as much as +90,000 if you think a couple among the Steelers, Raiders and Eagles can make it.

Diversifying your picks among a few teams and juicy matchups is a smart play to hedge your bets while helping to produce a great return.

Time to take a look at a few options in evaluating the possibility of a terrific payday.

When making your decision, one thing to consider is the bye week.

The best teams get it and they get to rest their players while the rest of the competition beats up on one another in the first week of the playoffs.

In 2020-21 the Chiefs and Packers earned the bye and the Chiefs made the Super Bowl while the Packers lost in the NFC Championship.

In 2019-20, the Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers and Packers earned byes. The Chiefs beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

In 2018-19, the Patriots, Chiefs, Saints and Rams earned byes. The Patriots beat the Rams in the Super Bowl.

In 2017-18, the Patriots, Steelers, Eagles and Vikings earned byes. The Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

In fact, 15 of the last 16 Super Bowl participants have all had a first-round bye!

The Bye Might Be Even More Valuable This Year

Last year the NFL switched the format, whereby only the top-seed gets the bye. This year is the first time the NFL has gone to a 17-game schedule. As a result, teams that had to play their best players in the final week of the season are at a further disadvantage.

As a result, for me, that eliminates the Steelers, Raiders and 49ers from long shot consideration. All these teams needed to win to get in and played themselves to near exhaustion in order to clinch their spot.

The Rams played most of their starters as well and were hit hard with injuries to their secondary in losing 27-24 in overtime to the 49ers.

The Bengals sat most of their most important players and several other teams either pulled their starters at the half or in the third quarter, using last week as a mini-bye.

Favorites to Consider

The Packers have won 13 games in each of Matt LaFleur’s three seasons as head coach and they have the presumptive MVP, Aaron Rodgers and the bye for the second straight year.

The Titans are expected to get their MVP Derrick Henry back and have played five playoff games in the last three seasons since Mike Vrabel took over.

The Chiefs have been in the Super Bowl the last two seasons, and although they had some missteps this season, the offense put up 28 points or more in each of their last five games and the defense gave up 17 points or less in seven of their last ten games.

The Bucs lost two key receivers down the stretch in Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown and still put up 28 points on the Jets and 41 on the Panthers in their last two games with Tom Brady at the helm. The defense gave up 17 points or less in three of their last four games.

Longer Shots in Play

Josh Allen has played like a top-four QB in the final weeks of the season for Buffalo.

The Cowboys are as complete a team on both offense and defense as they’ve been since their glory days in the 1990s.

The Bengals put up 41 points on the Ravens and 34 on the Chiefs down the stretch in their two most important games of the season which clinched the division.

My picks for matchups and winners come from these seven teams.

All That Being Said

Building out your picks, first consider the Titans and Packers in the Super Bowl.
Picking them to face each other yields a return of +900
Packers over Titans returns +1800
Titans over Packers returns +2200

If you think only one team with a bye makes it, odds are it’ll be the Packers. Personally I like the Bills over the Chiefs this year with Josh Allen rising to the occasion should those teams meet.
Packers vs. Bills returns +1000
Packers over Bills returns +1800
Bills over Packers returns +2000

Alternatively if you think the Titans will be the one team with a bye who makes it and are willing to believe the Cowboys put the ghosts of the last 27 years behind them:
Titans vs. Cowboys returns +2500
Cowboys over Titans returns +4000
Titans over Cowboys returns +5500

Finally, if you believe this is a year for longer shots, then Cowboys and Bengals is a great pick with both teams able to score in bunches and with solid defenses as well.
Cowboys versus Bengals returns +6600
Cowboys over Bengals returns +9000
Bengals over Cowboys returns +10000

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