How to Bet and Deposit Funds with Through Bitcoin?

Bovada is one of the hottest online sportsbooks, and it's gotten even hotter thanks to the addition of the bitcoin deposit method. For those that don't know, bitcoin is one of the most popular methods of depositing money into sportsbooks because it's easy-to-use and it's anonymous. This article will not only tell you a little bit about bitcoin, but you'll learn why it's become such a popular option for people looking to profit from betting on sports or just gaming in general.

What is Bitcoin?

Before we get into the tutorial itself, it's important to understand what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is an anonymous currency that has risen in popularity due to its anonymous nature, and it's also very easy to deposit and convert into usable cash. Here's how you can deposit via bitcoin at Bovada.

Make a Wallet

Before you can do anything, you need to make a wallet on Bovada. This wallet will serve as a hub for much of your gaming. You'll need it in order to finalize any gaming decisions, and without a doubt, you'll click on it whenever you want to transfer money in-between the sportsbook and traditional casino. Think of the wallet as a personalized betting account as all of your funds both deposited and withdrawn will go through here. The wallet is completely encrypted and secure, so you don't have to worry about any of your funds being compromised. Once the wallet is created, then you'll move ahead and begin the deposit process. Simply verify the wallet is genuine through one of the many bitcoin sites.

Deposit Bitcoins

After you've made your wallet, you're now officially ready to start depositing funds into your account through the wallet. Simply click the dropdown menu and highlight deposit bitcoin. Once this is selected, then you'll deposit your funds and continue through the betting interface. At this point, you should see the mention of a bitcoin address. This is the encrypted and anonymous portal through which you'll make your deposit. Like a payment voucher, the anonymous code and address is designed so you can quickly and safely access it without much trouble at all.

Enjoy and Have Fun

Once you copy the address, you can then confirm the deposit of your funds. Once they are processed, they should be in your account virtually instantaneously, although sometimes malfunctions may take a little bit longer. Overall, definitely consider making Bovada your preferred gaming destination if you're looking for a safe anonymous betting environment.

Make Your Bitcoin Deposit at Bovada Sportsbook.

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