Playing Blackjack with Bad Players
Thursday, July 08, 2010
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You’ve studied all the blackjack strategy you can find, your bankroll is sufficiently funded, and you’re ready to bring the house edge down below 1%.  But there’s just one problem……you’re sitting at a table full of the worst possible blackjack players in the world!  And no matter how well you play your hand, the last player keeps making plays like hitting on 14 when the dealer holds 4 only to draw a queen and bust out.

For experienced players, this is the absolute biggest nightmare – especially when the dealer draws an 8 and a 9 afterwards to reach 21 and beat everyone’s hand!  The bad players are sucking out cards that would have hurt the dealer’s chances while enabling the dealer to draw the exact cards they need to win.  And who wouldn’t be mad about this?

But in reality, it doesn’t really matter how bad the other players are as long as you stick to the correct strategy.  When all mathematics are factored into the equation, it doesn’t make a bit of difference what the other players are doing.  Sure the aforementioned scenario is still really annoying, and it shows a person’s blackjack stupidity for drawing on 14 when the dealer has a 4.  But it should have absolutely no effect on your game.

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The previously mentioned scenario could just have easily seen the bad player dealt a 7 to hit 21 while the dealer would have drawn two 10’s and busted.  If this had happened, you would still think the bad player was an idiot, but you’d also have won another hand thanks to their stupidity. 

The key thing to remember is that bad plays made by your fellow tablemates will both help and hurt you; everything averages out in the end as long as you play well.  But if you feel like their play is affecting your decisions, get up and go sit at another table.  It’s not worth fuming over, which will make you play bad too.

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