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Boxing Matchups Lines & Betting Odds

Updated: July 24, 2024

Boxing Lines

Xavier Fletcher vs Suitama Manuele
Xavier Fletcher    -5000
Suitama Manuele    +1400

Max Mcintyre vs Micah Rivetti
Max Mcintyre    -3300
Micah Rivetti    +1200

Lucas Miller vs Clay AJ Waterman
Lucas Miller    +250
Clay AJ Waterman    -350

Justis Huni vs Troy Pilcher
Justis Huni    -2500
Troy Pilcher    +1000

Danny Garcia vs Dominicc Hardy
Danny Garcia    -1400
Dominicc Hardy    +700

Kaipo Gallegos vs Armando Frausto
Kaipo Gallegos    -2000
Armando Frausto    +900

Miy Sean Mason vs Thomas Guillemette
Miy Sean Mason    -2000
Thomas Guillemette    +900

Dainier Pero vs James Evans
Dainier Pero    -2000
James Evans    +900

Gor Yeritsyan vs Aram Amirkhanyan
Gor Yeritsyan    -700
Aram Amirkhanyan    +425

Omar Cande Trinidad vs Viktor Slavinskyi
Omar Cande Trinidad    -700
Viktor Slavinskyi    +425

Jan Paul Rivera-Pizarro vs Justin Goodson
Jan Paul Rivera-Pizarro    -2500
Justin Goodson    +1000

Aadam Hamed vs Georgi Velichkov
Aadam Hamed    -5000
Georgi Velichkov    +1400

Umar Khan vs Kaddour Hmiani
Umar Khan    -2800
Kaddour Hmiani    +1100

Royston Barney Smith vs Brian Barajas
Royston Barney Smith    -1800
Brian Barajas    +800

Raven Chapman vs Yohana Sarabia
Raven Chapman    -2000
Yohana Sarabia    +900

Sean Noakes vs Inder Bassi
Sean Noakes    -650
Inder Bassi    +400

Moses Itauma vs Mariusz Wach
Moses Itauma    -5000
Mariusz Wach    +1400

Ryan Garner vs Archie Sharp
Ryan Garner    -260
Archie Sharp    +190

Hector Edgardo Sarmiento vs Ernesto Mercado
Hector Edgardo Sarmiento    +1200
Ernesto Mercado    -3300

Shohjahon Ergashev vs Julian Smith
Shohjahon Ergashev    -750
Julian Smith    +450

Michel Rivera vs Hugo Alberto Roldan
Michel Rivera    -1100
Hugo Alberto Roldan    +600

Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse vs Claressa Shields
Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse    +1400
Claressa Shields    -5000

Ginjiro Shigeoka vs Pedro Taduran
Ginjiro Shigeoka    -1800
Pedro Taduran    +800

Jared Anderson vs Martin Bakole Ilunga
Jared Anderson    -185
Martin Bakole Ilunga    +140

Andy Cruz vs Antonio Moran
Andy Cruz    -2500
Antonio Moran    +1000

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Jarrell Miller
Andy Ruiz Jr.    -375
Jarrell Miller    +260

Isaac Cruz vs Jose Valenzuela
Isaac Cruz    -435
Jose Valenzuela    +290

David Morrell vs Radivoje Kalajdzic
David Morrell    -2500
Radivoje Kalajdzic    +1000

Israil Madrimov vs Terence Crawford
Israil Madrimov    +475
Terence Crawford    -800

Serhii Bohachuk vs Vergil Ortiz
Serhii Bohachuk    +220
Vergil Ortiz    -300

Christian Mbilli vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko
Christian Mbilli    -450
Sergiy Derevyanchenko    +300

Rhiannon Dixon vs Terri Harper
Rhiannon Dixon    -485
Terri Harper    +320

Jack Catterall vs Regis Prograis
Jack Catterall    -350
Regis Prograis    +250

Mark Chamberlain vs Josh Padley
Mark Chamberlain    -2800
Josh Padley    +1100

Joshua Buatsi vs Willy Hutchinson
Joshua Buatsi    -225
Willy Hutchinson    +170

Tyler Denny vs Hamzah Sheeraz
Tyler Denny    +450
Hamzah Sheeraz    -750

Anthony Cacace vs Josh Warrington
Anthony Cacace    -250
Josh Warrington    +185

Liam Smith vs Josh Kelly
Liam Smith    -155
Josh Kelly    +120

Boxing Odds source: Bovada Sportsbook

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