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Parlay Calculator

If betting a favorite you must enter the line with a minus (-) sign at the beginning. If playing the dog, just enter the price, no + is necessary.

Do nothing with the boxes that are not included in your money line parlay (leave "0" in each box, they will not be factored into the parlay). Enter the amount of your wager in the box next to Bet Amount, and click on "Calculate Parlay". The amount of a winning parlay wager will appear in the box next to Parlay Payout. Most NFL, NBA and NCAA College games are at -110.

Bet Amount:
Parlay Payout:


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A parlay calculator calculates the payout for a parlay bet, which combines two or more bets into one. A parlay calculator calculates parlay payouts by entering odds and bet amounts.

Parlay calculator usage:

Say you want to parlay the following three bets:
Bet 1: $100 on the Patriots at -150 odds.
Bet 2: $100 on the Boston Red Sox at +130.
Bet 3: $100 on the Boston Celtics at -110.

The parlay calculator requires odds and bet amounts. The calculator then calculates the parlay payout.
In this case, the calculator may estimate a $936 parlay payout. If all three of your bets win, you will receive $1236, including your $300 investment and $936 in profits.

The sportsbook will set a second-half point total for an over/under bet. You can then gamble on whether the final score will be higher or lower.

To place a second half bet, choose the kind of bet, pick the team(s), and place your wager. If you win, you’ll get the odds. Losing forfeits your wager.

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