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NBA Odds & Scores

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How Do NBA Point Spreads Work ?

Oddsmakers set a line to handicap one team and favour another in NBA games. Oddsmakers set the line to encourage equal betting on both sides, which balances the betting field.

The oddsmakers might give the Los Angeles Lakers +5.5 against the Golden State Warriors. To win your Lakers bet, they must lose by less than 5.5 points. You win if the Warriors win by more than 5.5 points.

If the Warriors win 95–90, Lakers bettors win since the Lakers lost by less than 5.5 points. The Warriors won by more than the 5.5 point spread if the final score was Warriors 105, Lakers 100.

How Do NBA Odds Work ?

A team winning a game’s odds are a numerical expression. The most frequent odds formats are fractional, decimal, and moneyline.

UK and Ireland employ fractional odds, which are a ratio of the probable payout to the stake. If a team wins at 6/1, you win £6 for every £1 you bet.

Europeans utilise decimal odds. If a team wins with 7.00 decimal odds, you win €7 for every €1 you bet.

How To Bet Over Under NBA ?

Totals, commonly known as over/unders, are a betting option that predicts whether both sides will score more or less than a specified figure set by oddsmakers.

You can wager on whether a game’s total will be over or under 200.5 points. The over bet predicts a game score over 200.5 points. The under bet predicts a game score under 200.5 points.

Warriors 105, Lakers 100 is 205 points, which exceeds 200.5. Thus, overbettors won. Warriors 95, Lakers 90 is 185 points, under the 200.5 point total. Thus, underbettors won.

What is Moneyline in NBA Betting ?

Moneyline odds, sometimes called American odds, are positive or negative numbers used in the US. A positive number indicates the profit you would get for every $100 you stake, whereas a negative number indicates the amount you must stake to gain $100. If a team wins with +200 moneyline odds, you win $200 for every $100 you bet. A team with -200 moneyline odds must be bet $200 to win $100.

NBA 1st Half and 2nd Half Betting

First-half and second-half betting involve wagering on a game’s first or second halves. First half betting and second half betting allow you to bet on the first or second half of the game solely, with odds based on oddsmakers’ lines.

Point spreads, moneylines, and totals are available for halftime betting. The point spread is the number of points the favoured side is predicted to win or lose, and the moneyline is the odds of a team winning outright. You can wager on whether the combined score of both sides will be over or under an oddsmaker-set number.

Team A is the underdog if the first-half point spread is +5.5 for Team A and -5.5 for Team B. You win if Team A wins or loses by fewer than 5.5 points in the first half. If Team B wins the first half by more than 5.5 points, you win.