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NFL 1st Half Odds

Looking for the best sports betting lines and the current NFL 1st Half odds from top sportsbooks?

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How Does NFL 1st Half Betting Work ?

NFL first half betting lets you wager on the first half of an NFL game. First half moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets are equivalent to full game bets.

For a first-half moneyline bet, pick the team that will lead at halftime. Your team need just win the first half. The favourite has lower odds and the underdog higher odds for a first half moneyline bet.

For a first-half point spread bet, the sportsbook sets a “spread” similar to a full-game spread. You can then gamble on whether the favourite will beat the spread or the underdog will lose by less.

The sportsbook will establish a first-half point total for an over/under bet. You can then gamble on whether the final score will be higher or lower.

To place a first half bet, choose the kind of bet, pick the team(s), and place your wager. If you win, you’ll get the odds. Losing forfeits your wager.

For instance, a line for the opening quarter of a game might be as follows:

First-half totals: Over 10.5 (-110) Under 10.5 (-110)

You can bet on whether the total score of both teams in the first half of the game will be over or under 10.5 points in this scenario. The underdog is denoted by the plus symbol (+), whereas the favourite is denoted by the negative sign (-).