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NCAA Basketball Moneyline

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What is the Moneyline in College Basketball ?

Moneyline bets in college basketball involve picking the winner. The underdog’s odds will be + , while the favorite’s will be (-)

How to Bet the Moneyline in College Basketball

College basketball moneyline betting requires a sportsbook that offers it. Each team has a moneyline, with the favourite listed as a minus (-) and the underdog as a plus (+).

The Duke Blue Devils play the North Carolina Tar Heels, and the moneyline is:

Tar Heels +180
Duke Blue Devils -150

The Blue Devils are the favourites to win, therefore their odds are negative (-). Bet $150 to win $100 on the Blue Devils. If the Blue Devils win, you’ll get back $150 and $100 in prizes.

The Tar Heels are the underdog, therefore their odds are +. If the Tar Heels win, you’ll get your $100 bet back plus $180 in profits, for a total payoff of $280.

To place a moneyline bet, pick the winning team and place your bet. This is normally done at a sportsbook or online.