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NFL Moneyline

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What is a Moneyline Bet in NFL ?

The moneyline in the National Football League (NFL) is a form of wager in which you merely select the victor of the match. The underdog will have a plus (+) sign next to their odds, while the club that is expected to win will have a minus (-) sign.

How does NFL Moneyline Work ?

Let’s use the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys matchup as an example. The moneyline is set at:

Dallas Cowboys +180 over New York Giants -150

The Giants are the underdogs in this situation, as shown by the minus sign (-) next to their odds. This indicates that if you bet, you would need to stake $150 in order to win $100.

Simply pick the team you wish to bet on, then place your wager, to place a moneyline wager. You will receive the winnings given by the moneyline odds if your team triumphs. You will loss the amount of your wager if your team loses.