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NCAAF Odds & Scores

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How to Read College Football Odds

After learning the basics, reading college football odds is easy. Read college football odds step-by-step:

Find the favourite: The odds of the favourite will be minus (-). A team at -7 is the favourite to win.
The underdog has a plus (+) sign next to their odds. A +7 squad is the underdog.
Point spread: The favourite is anticipated to win by the point spread. The favourite is anticipated to win by 7 points.

Estimate winnings: Point spread bets require the wager amount and odds to calculate potential winnings. Odds are commonly stated as fractions (e.g. 3/1) or decimals (e.g. 4.00). Multiply your wager by the odds to estimate your profits. If you bet $100 on a team at 3/1 odds and they win, you get your $100 back plus $300 in winnings, for a total payment of $400.

What is the Over Under in College Football ?

College football’s “over/under” or “totals” is the game’s combined score. Bettors can wager on whether a college football game will score over or under 45 points if the totals line is 45. If the game ends 30-14 (44 points), the under wins and the over loses.

You wager on the over if you think the game will score more than the specified total. The under bet predicts that the final score will be lower than the set total. If the final score matches the stated total, the bet is a push and your wager is returned.

Totals bets can cover the full game or a half or quarter. You might wager on whether the first half will score more than 22.5 points.

College Football 1st Half and 2nd Half Betting

College football allows halftime bets. These bets are like “totals” or “over/under” but only apply to half the game.

A college football first-half line would look like this:

First Half: Over 10.5 (-110) Under 10.5 (-110)

You can wager on whether the aggregate first-half score will be over or under 10.5 points. The underdog is (+) and the favoured is (-). Both the over and under are priced at -110, so you would have to bet $110 to win $100.

Quarter-by-quarter betting is possible. A first-quarter line would look like this:

First Quarter: -2.5 (-110) +2.5 (-110)

You can wager on whether both teams’ first-quarter scores will be over or under 2.5 points.