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Futures Odds and Expert NBA Picks for the 2023 Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets emerged as NBA champions last season, claiming their first title in franchise history. With an impressive regular season record and dominant playoff run, the Nuggets proved they are a force to be reckoned with. Led by two-time MVP Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets have a strong chance of repeating as champions this year.

Denver Nuggets Offseason Recap

The Nuggets didn’t make any major changes to their roster during the offseason, as they believe in the winning formula they currently have. However, they did lose sixth man Bruce Brown, who decided to join the Pacers. Brown’s contributions off the bench will be missed, but the Nuggets have depth and talent to make up for his absence. The addition of Reggie Jackson and Justin Holiday will also provide valuable minutes for the team.

Denver Nuggets Season Expectations

The Nuggets have high expectations for the season, aiming to defend their championship title. With Jokic leading the way, along with a healthy Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Michael Porter Jr., the Nuggets have a strong roster that can make another deep playoff run. Jokic’s exceptional performance last season, averaging almost a triple double, showcases his ability to dominate the game. Murray’s return adds another dimension to the team’s success.

Denver Nuggets Schedule Breakdown

The Nuggets will face a challenging schedule, with a majority of their first 22 games being played on the road. However, they will have the advantage of playing most of their holiday games at home. The schedule presents both advantages and disadvantages, as it limits travel but separates the team from their families for extended periods.

Denver Nuggets Odds

Although their odds have decreased slightly due to recent trades by other teams, the Nuggets are still seen as strong contenders for the NBA title. Their playoff experience and talented roster give them a solid chance of winning it all. While the odds may not be as favorable as last season, they are still worth considering for those looking to make a bet.

Denver Nuggets Predictions

While the Nuggets are not the top pick to win the championship this season, they have the potential to make another deep playoff run. A slow start may lead to better odds later in the season, making it a good opportunity to place a bet. However, in terms of regular season performance, it’s advisable to take the under on their win total. Their shallow roster and potential injury risks may result in fewer wins compared to last season. It’s best to wait for better title odds before making any bets.

NBA Futures

Odds source: Bovada Sportsbook

NBA Championship 2023-24
NBA Champion

Milwaukee Bucks   +380
Denver Nuggets   +600
Boston Celtics   +400
Phoenix Suns   +650
Golden State Warriors   +1200
Los Angeles Lakers   +1200
Miami Heat   +2300
Los Angeles Clippers   +2200
Philadelphia 76ers   +2300
Dallas Mavericks   +2500
Memphis Grizzlies   +3300
Cleveland Cavaliers   +4000
Sacramento Kings   +5000
New Orleans Pelicans   +5000
New York Knicks   +5000
Minnesota Timberwolves   +7500
Atlanta Hawks   +8000
Oklahoma City Thunder   +8000
Brooklyn Nets   +10000
Toronto Raptors   +10000
San Antonio Spurs   +12500
Chicago Bulls   +20000
Portland Trail Blazers   +25000
Utah Jazz   +25000
Indiana Pacers   +30000
Orlando Magic   +35000
Houston Rockets   +40000
Detroit Pistons   +50000
Charlotte Hornets   +50000
Washington Wizards   +75000

Western Conference 2023-24
Western Conference Winner

Denver Nuggets   +250
Phoenix Suns   +350
Golden State Warriors   +550
Los Angeles Lakers   +750
L.A. Clippers   +950
Dallas Mavericks   +1200
Memphis Grizzlies   +1400
Sacramento Kings   +2200
New Orleans Pelicans   +2800
Oklahoma City Thunder   +3500
Minnesota Timberwolves   +4000
Houston Rockets   +10000
Utah Jazz   +10000
San Antonio Spurs   +10000
Portland Trail Blazers   +15000

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