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Memphis Grizzlies 2023 NBA Predictions

The Memphis Grizzlies are determined to reach the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history after facing a disappointing first-round defeat. The team heavily relies on the leadership of rising star Ja Morant, but his off-court issues have hindered the team’s progress in the league.

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Memphis Grizzlies Offseason Recap

The Grizzlies had a tumultuous offseason, with Morant receiving a 25-game suspension due to his involvement with firearms. Additionally, the team traded away Dillon Brooks, a long-time troublemaker. The absence of Morant will be felt early in the season, as his scoring prowess of 26.2 points per game will be difficult to replace. However, the team will benefit from the acquisition of Marcus Smart, who brings a similar defensive intensity to the court without the distractions. Derrick Rose also joins the team, providing valuable experience and a winning mentality.

Memphis Grizzlies Season Expectations

The Grizzlies have excelled in the regular season in recent years but struggled in the postseason. Although they are projected to finish in the top half of the Western Conference with around 46.5 wins, their ultimate goal is to make a deep playoff run. They must navigate through the first part of the season without Morant, but the addition of Smart and the departure of Brooks have improved their overall roster dynamics.

Memphis Grizzlies Schedule Breakdown

The Grizzlies’ schedule is crucial, especially without Morant for the initial 25 games. They have several winnable matchups against lower-ranked teams during this period, which could provide them a strong foundation for the rest of the season. A successful early stretch would position them well for securing home court advantage in the playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies Odds

Despite their recent lack of postseason success, the Grizzlies have long odds for the NBA championship at +2500. However, their regular season win total is projected to be below 50, indicating a potential regression. Nevertheless, the team has previously shown resilience without Morant and possesses a stronger roster this season.

Memphis Grizzlies 2023-24 Season Predictions

Expect the Grizzlies to have another solid regular season, even without Morant initially. Their core players are entering their prime, suggesting a winning record well above .500. A prediction of over 46.5 wins seems reasonable, and betting on them to surpass 50 wins at +155 odds could be a profitable choice. Additionally, they have the necessary shooting, defense, and health to excel throughout the 82-game season. While success in the in-season tournament may be challenging without Morant, they could emerge as contenders in the Western Conference playoffs, making a bet on them to win the West at +1400 worthwhile.

NBA Futures

Odds source: Bovada Sportsbook

NBA Championship 2023-24
NBA Champion

Milwaukee Bucks   +380
Denver Nuggets   +600
Boston Celtics   +400
Phoenix Suns   +650
Golden State Warriors   +1200
Los Angeles Lakers   +1200
Miami Heat   +2300
Los Angeles Clippers   +2200
Philadelphia 76ers   +2300
Dallas Mavericks   +2500
Memphis Grizzlies   +3300
Cleveland Cavaliers   +4000
Sacramento Kings   +5000
New Orleans Pelicans   +5000
New York Knicks   +5000
Minnesota Timberwolves   +7500
Atlanta Hawks   +8000
Oklahoma City Thunder   +8000
Brooklyn Nets   +10000
Toronto Raptors   +10000
San Antonio Spurs   +12500
Chicago Bulls   +20000
Portland Trail Blazers   +25000
Utah Jazz   +25000
Indiana Pacers   +30000
Orlando Magic   +35000
Houston Rockets   +40000
Detroit Pistons   +50000
Charlotte Hornets   +50000
Washington Wizards   +75000

Western Conference 2023-24
Western Conference Winner

Denver Nuggets   +250
Phoenix Suns   +350
Golden State Warriors   +550
Los Angeles Lakers   +750
L.A. Clippers   +950
Dallas Mavericks   +1200
Memphis Grizzlies   +1400
Sacramento Kings   +2200
New Orleans Pelicans   +2800
Oklahoma City Thunder   +3500
Minnesota Timberwolves   +4000
Houston Rockets   +10000
Utah Jazz   +10000
San Antonio Spurs   +10000
Portland Trail Blazers   +15000

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