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2023 NHL Playoffs Series Prices Odds

Updated May 26th, 2023

Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights    -1200
Dallas Stars    +650

NHL Odds source: 365 Sportsbook


Updated May 16th, 2023

Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers
Carolina Hurricanes    -130
Florida Panthers    +110

Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights    -145
Dallas Stars    +125

Updated May 1st, 2023

Florida Panthers vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Florida Panthers    +155
Toronto Maple Leafs    -180

Seattle Kraken vs Dallas Stars
Seattle Kraken    +165
Dallas Stars    -195

Carolina Hurricanes vs New Jersey Devils
Carolina Hurricanes    +110
New Jersey Devils    -130

Edmonton Oilers vs Vegas Golden Knights
Edmonton Oilers    -160
Vegas Golden Knights    +135

Updated April 16th, 2023

Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins
Florida Panthers    +265
Boston Bruins    -330

New York Islanders vs Carolina Hurricanes
New York Islanders    +165
Carolina Hurricanes    -195

Dallas Stars @ Minnesota Wild
Dallas Stars    -140
Minnesota Wild    +115

Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings
Edmonton Oilers    -250
Los Angeles Kings    +210

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils
New York Rangers    EVEN
New Jersey Devils    -120

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Toronto Maple Leafs    -165
Tampa Bay Lightning    +140

Vegas Golden Knights vs Winnipeg Jets
Vegas Golden Knights    -165
Winnipeg Jets    +140

Colorado Avalanche @ Seattle Kraken
Colorado Avalanche    -260
Seattle Kraken    +215

NHL Odds source: 365 Sportsbook

UFC 289 Nunes vs Aldana

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