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Serie A Soccer Expert Tips & Picks – MatchDay 10

Looking for expert tips and picks for Serie A soccer matches on October 29th, 2023? Stay ahead of the game with predictions from soccer experts


Sassuolo vs Bologna

  • Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
  • Location: Mapei Stadium in Sassuolo, Italy
  • TV: Paramount+
  • Odds/Point Spread: Sassuolo (+150) Bologna (+167)

Odds source: 365Betting Sportsbook

In this highly-anticipated Serie A matchup, Sassuolo (3-1-5 last season) will face off against Bologna (3-5-1 last year) at Mapei Stadium in Sassuolo, Italy on Sunday. Bet on the game with Sassuolo at +150 or Bologna at +167. The over/under is set at 2.5. The starting goalkeepers are Andrea Consigli for Sassuolo and Lukasz Skorupski for Bologna.

Sassuolo, known as the Black and Greens, had a mixed performance last season with an xG of 8.8 and xGA of 15.4. They scored 12 goals and allowed 16, resulting in a -4 goal difference. They did not have any clean sheets. With 37 shots on target against them, they conceded 1.78 goals per 90 minutes. The team had 22 saves and a save rate of 62.2%. They received 13 yellow cards and 1 red card. Sassuolo averaged 1.11 points per match with a total of 10 points and ranked 11th in Serie A. They registered 7 assists in the previous season.

Their opponents, Bologna, also had an average season with 10 goals scored and 10.6 goals expected. They conceded 7 goals and had a goal difference of 3. Their save rate was 80.6%, with 24 saves and 4 clean sheets. Bologna accumulated 14 points, ranking 7th in the league. They received 20 yellow cards and had a clean sheet percentage of 44.4%.

Andrea Consigli, the goalkeeper for Sassuolo, has a career record of 202-144-205. He has played for a total of 49,768 minutes and made 1,658 saves. Consigli has a goals against per 90 minutes of 1.38 and a save percentage of 69.9%. On the other side, Lukasz Skorupski will be defending the net for Bologna. He has conceded 1.40 goals per 90 minutes and has a career record of 101-83-129. Skorupski has accumulated 77 clean sheets and made 992 saves.

Key players to watch in this game include Domenico Berardi from Sassuolo, who has scored 129 goals in his career, and Joshua Zirkzee from Bologna, who has scored 25 goals.

The Pick: Bologna (+167)

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Empoli vs Atalanta

  • Date: Sunday, October 29, 2023
  • Location: Stadio Carlo Castellani in Empoli, Italy
  • TV: CBS Sports Golazo Network
  • Odds/Point Spread: Empoli (+380) Atalanta (-146)

Odds source: 365Betting Sportsbook

Empoli (2-1-6 last season) will try to defeat Atalanta (5-1-3 last year) at Stadio Carlo Castellani on Sunday. The Blues are priced at +380 and the Goddess are at -146. The over/under comes in at 2.5. The goalkeepers protecting the net will be Elia Caprile for Empoli and Juan Musso for Atalanta.

Empoli conceded 16 goals while averaging 1.78 goals per 90 minutes last season, allowing opposing teams 47 shots on target. They achieved 3 clean sheets, a 33.3% success rate. Empoli received 21 yellow cards in the previous season. The Blues ranked 13th in xG with 9.4, and their expected goals against were 13.9. They averaged 0.78 points per contest (7 pts) and were ranked 18th in the league with 3 assists. The team had a goal differential of -13 due to 3 goals scored and 16 goals conceded. Empoli recorded 31 saves and a save rate of 68.1% in the prior season.

On the season, Atalanta B.C. had a save % of 74.2 (31 SoTA) and ranked 6th in Serie A with 16 pts. The Goddess averaged 1.8 pts/match and accumulated 14 assists. Atalanta scored 15 goals with an xG of 11.3. They held a clean sheet percentage of 66.7% and received 15 yellow cards. The team had a goals against per 90 of 0.89 with 24 saves and 6 clean sheets. Atalanta ranked 6th concerning goals against (8) with a goal differential of 7.

The expected goalkeeper for Empoli is Elia Caprile. Caprile (17-14-7 record) achieved 14 clean sheets, a 36.8% clean sheet percentage. He faced 145 shots in 38 starts, allowing 0.89 goals per 90 minutes (34 goals) with a save percentage of 78.6%. Caprile has played 3,420 minutes, making 109 stops in his career.

Juan Musso will be protecting the net for Atalanta. Musso has allowed 246 goals and has 569 saves in 188 starts. He has allowed 1.32 goals per 90 mins with a record of 74-45-69. His save % sits at 74.1% with a shutout rate of 27.1%. Musso has 51 shutouts and faced 808 shots in 16,796 mins in his career.

Francesco Caputo is a notable player for Empoli, with 56 assists and 47 yellow cards in his career. Caputo has scored 183 goals in 37,653 minutes, averaging 0.44 goals per 90 minutes. He has started in 419 games.

Atalanta is led by Luis Muriel, who has 31 yellow cards and 46 assists in his career. Muriel has scored 109 goals in 18,933 mins, averaging 0.52 goals per 90 minutes. He has been given a starting assignment in 202 matches.

The Pick: Atalanta (-146)

Lecce vs Torino

  • Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
  • Location: Stadio Comunale Via Del Mare in Lecce, Italy
  • TV: CBS Sports Golazo Network
  • Odds/Point Spread: Lecce (+179) Torino (+168)

Odds source: 365Betting Sportsbook

Lecce (3-4-2 last season) are welcoming Torino (2-3-4 last year) at Stadio Comunale Via Del Mare on Sunday. The Yellow and Reds are priced at +179 and the Maroons are priced at +168. The betting total is set at 2.5. The expected starting goalkeepers will be Wladimiro Falcone for Lecce and Vanja Milinkovic-Savic for Torino.

Lecce had 24 saves and they were the owners of a save percentage of 77.1 during the previous year. Their goal differential was at -1 by means of 10 goals put in the net in addition to 11 goals surrendered. For the prior season, the club put together an average of 1.44 points per fixture (13 pts) and they also ranked 10th in soccer with 8 assists. The Yellow and Reds were 16th when it comes to goals expected with 8.2, and the team’s xGA came in at 14.0. Lecce accumulated 26 yellow card warnings during the previous year in addition to 2 red cards. Lecce relinquished 11 goals while giving up 1.22 G/90, and the opposition accounted for 35 shots on target on them. They earned 2 clean sheets, which put them at a rate of 22.2 for the previous season.

The Maroons put together an average of 1.0 pts per match while sitting with 4 assists. Torino had a shut out percentage of 44.4 during the previous year and also 15 yellow card warnings. Torino ranked 16th when talking about goals allowed having 12, and the squad’s goal difference sat at -6. On the season, the Maroons had a save rate of 71.9 (32 shots on target against), and had a ranking of 14th in the league with 9 pts. Their goals against/90 minutes was at 1.33 in addition to 20 saves, and they accounted for 4 clean sheets. Torino compiled 6 goals and the team’s goals expected last year sat at 6.4.

The man who is expected to protect the net for Lecce will be Wladimiro Falcone. Falcone has seen the field for a total of 8,505 mins and is sitting with 345 saves in his pro soccer career. His goals allowed per 90 minutes is 1.26 (119 goals allowed) and he has earned a save % of 77.6. The goalkeeper hailing from Italy has faced 464 shots attempted at him in 94 career starts. Falcone (19-34-41 mark during his career) has recorded 19 clean sheets, which has earned him a 20.2% clean sheet percentage.

Vanja Milinkovic-Savic will be residing in front of the net for Torino. So far in his career, Milinkovic-Savic has surrendered 165 goals while totaling 361 stops in 136 starting assignments. He has given up 1.21 goals per 90 minutes while holding a record of 59-35-43. He is the owner of a save % of 72.7 and his clean sheet rate is currently at 28.7%. Milinkovic-Savic has totaled 39 clean sheets while seeing 527 shots attempted against him in 12,314 mins throughout his career.

Gabriel Strefezza is one man who can make a difference on the pitch for Lecce. He has 0 assists while accumulating 1 yellow card in his pro soccer career. The forward from Brazil has 1 goals scored in 513 minutes played. Strefezza has started 6 games in his pro soccer career while he scores 0.18 goals per 90 minutes.

Torino stars Antonio Sanabria, who gives opposing coaches headaches. He averages 0.39 goals per 90 mins and has had a starting assignment in 165 matches in his pro soccer career. The forward from Paraguay has been on the pitch for 14,582 mins and has scored 63 goals. He has tallied 23 yellow cards thus far in his career and has helped on a goal 10 times.

The Pick: Lecce (+179)

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Napoli vs AC Milan

  • Date: Sunday, October 29, 2023
  • Location: Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples, Italy
  • TV: ESPN+
  • Odds/Point Spread: Napoli (+124) AC Milan (+216)

Odds source: 365Betting Sportsbook

The Red and Blacks (7-0-2 last year) are on their way to Stadio Diego Armando Maradona on Sunday where they will attempt to defeat the Blues (5-2-2 last season). AC Milan are at at +216 while the Blues are at +124. The total is set at 2.5. The men protecting the net will be Alex Meret for Napoli and Mike Maignan for AC Milan.


Napoli conceded 10 goals while giving up 1.11 goals per 90 min, and opponents had 28 SoT on them. They compiled 3 clean sheets, which had them at a percentage of 33.3 for the prior year. Napoli compiled 17 yellow card warnings over the course of last season. The Blues had a ranking of 1st in the matter of goals expected with 19.1, and their expected goals against came in at 7.6. Over the course of the prior season, the club put together an average of 1.89 points per match (17 pts) and ranked 4th in the league with 13 assists. Their difference in goals was at 10 with the help of 20 goals put in the net and also 10 goals conceded. Napoli finished with 18 SVs and also held a SV rate of 67.9 in the previous season.

AC Milan had 16 goals and this squad’s expected goals in the previous season was 12.7. The team’s goals against per 90 was 1.00 in addition to 23 saves, and they accumulated 4 shut outs. On the campaign, the Red and Blacks had a save % of 75.0 (32 shots on target against), and also were 2nd in Serie A with 21 points. AC Milan sat at 5th in goals allowed with 9, and the goal differential was 7. AC Milan recorded a clean sheet rate of 44.4 during the previous year as well as 24 yellow cards. The Red and Blacks had an average of 2.3 pts per match while tallying 11 assists and 3 red cards.

The man who will protect the net for Napoli will be Alex Meret. His goals against per 90 mins is 1.03 (153 goals allowed) and he has a save % of 74.9. Meret (85-34-29 record during his career) has accumulated 50 clean sheets, which leaves him with a 33.6% clean sheet rate. Meret has been on the field for 13,386 minutes and has earned 400 stops in his career. The goalkeeper from Italy has faced 553 shots sent his way in 149 career starts.

Mike Maignan will reside in front of the goal for AC Milan. He has given up 0.94 goals per 90 minutes while holding a mark of 113-45-49. Maignan has tallied 84 shutouts while defending 699 shots against him in 18,644 minutes throughout his career. In his career, Maignan has conceded 195 goals and has racked up 505 stops in 207 starting assignments. He sports a save percentage of 74.8 and his shutout rate is currently 40.6%.

Matteo Politano is one member of the squad you are going to want to keep your eye on for Napoli. He has accounted for 36 assists while accumulating 29 yellow card cautions in his pro soccer career. The forward from Italy has recorded 56 goals scored in 19,688 mins played. Politano has been given a starting assignment in 229 contests in his career and accounts for 0.26 goals per 90 mins.

AC Milan stars Rafael Leao, who the defense is sure to gameplan for in this matchup. The forward from Portugal has been on the pitch for 10,300 minutes and has earned 50 goals. He averages 0.44 goals per 90 and has had a starting assignment in 115 games in his career. He has accumulated 20 yellow cards in his career and has helped on a goal 32 times.

The Pick: AC Milan (+216)

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