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Is Sports Betting Legal in California?

California is renowned for its dazzling coastline, glitz and glamour, but there are also numerous brick-and-mortar casinos that give Nevada a run for its money. Unfortunately, its legislators have not yet set forth any concrete laws or even a betting bill that explain the details of legal sports betting within the state. This makes it difficult to find a sportsbook that caters to one’s exact needs; however, online betting sites are available regardless of where you live within California.

Online Betting Sites vs Land-Based Casinos

In California, the legal gambling age is typically 18, although most casinos require bettors to be 21 in order to gamble in person. With 69 total Native American casinos offering 70,000+ slot machines and 2,000+ table games, it’s one of the biggest states for gaming. There are also card rooms that provide poker and other games but don’t have the same amenities as native-operated counterparts.

Fantasy sports are a big business and some sports gambling establishments are tied to daily fantasy companies, though you don’t need to visit a casino to play these games. The California State Lottery was introduced in 1984 and provides additional funding for schools across the state while intrastate draw games and scratch cards are available too.

When betting online, Californians can access offshore sites that are legally regulated through proper licensing channels overseas without any worries – there remain no options for sports betting on site at Casinos in California. Whatever your choice may be, Odds Shark offers detailed tutorials so you can make smart picks on everything from the Super Bowl to the Heisman Trophy futures.

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